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Patient's Rights & Responsibilities


Patient´s Rights

(Adaptation to 13437 of 1991Resolution)


1. Choose your treating physician freely.

2. Maintain full and clear communication with medical and nursing personnel.

3. Be treated with dignity.

4. Maintain confidentiality of medical history information.

5. Request a qualified second opinion related to your medical condition.

6. Receive the best possible medical care.

7. Know the costs of health care.

8. Receive or refuse spiritual-moral support.

9. Respect the will to participate in medical or scientific research.

10. Respect the decision of organ donation.

11. To die with dignity.


Patient´s Responsibilities

(Adaptation to 100 of 1993 Law)

1. Take care of your health and follow medical recommendations.

2. Join the General Medical Social Security System for you and your family.

3. Report your state of health efficiently, truthfully and completely to your treating physician.

4. Comply with the norms established by the Healthcare Providing Institution (IPS)

5. Provide dignified and humane treatment to the personnel that assist you.

6. Contribute to the care of the environment.

7. Adhere to safety measures outlined in organizational guidelines.


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