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Molecular Nuclear Medicine - PET-CT

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Target population

The Nuclear medicine service is addressed to the pediatric and adult population.
The Service and its studies

Scintigraphy and PET/CT studies are performed with various radiopharmaceuticals according to the organ and pathology to be studied.

Nuclear medicine studies can be used at different stages of a disease: diagnosis, follow-up, response to treatment and suspected progression. Additionally, some procedures help in prognosis.

Studies performed include diseases such as cancer and benign diseases.

These studies can be performed for the pediatric and adult population.

  • An experienced human, medical and healthcare team (nurses, nuclear medicine and diagnostic imaging technologists, medical physicists).
  • The Nuclear medicine area has 25 years of experience in Cali, being pioneers in the country in diagnostic studies such as renal transplantation assessment, evaluation of Parkinson’s disease, implementation of beta-emitting radiopharmaceuticals, such as 177 Lu-Dotatate and 188 Rhenium in bone pain palliative management, synoviolysis and intratumoral administration for the treatment of cystic tumors in the Central nervous system.
  • First PET/CT in the Southwest of Colombia; as of January 2019 5389 patients with diseases such as cancer, inflammatory infectious diseases, central nervous system diseases (refractory epilepsy, assessment of dementias and other psychiatric disorders) have been treated.
  • Being the reference center in the country, recognized at international level is one of the main features of this Service.


  • General nuclear medicine (scintigraphy).
  • PET/CT.
  • Metabolic therapies.


  • Two hybrid gamma chambers (i.e., with built-in CT), are used to locate lesions of increased uptake observed through scintigraphy in studies known as SPECT/CT.
  • The highest technology PET/CT equipment in the country, with a 128-slice CT.
  • Consultation offices for the evaluation of patients in metabolic therapy, patients needing special studies and for patients’ assessment by a clinical physician prior to PET/CT scan.
  • Patient rooms for metabolic therapies.

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