Target population

Adult and pediatric population
Target population of the service

All age groups with the following conditions are treated in the Service:

Behavioral and learning issues in children, family problems, alcoholism and use of psychoactive substances, sexuality issues, anxiety (nervousness), depression and suicidal ideation or behavior, insecurity and low self-esteem, hallucinations and ideas not consistent with reality, violence and impulsivity, as well as neurocognitive disorders in the elderly.

  • Psychiatric hospitalization (Betania branch) and psychosomatic medicine rooms (Fundación Valle del Lili headquarters).
  • Day hospital.

Outpatient consultation, liaison psychiatry and specialty referral consultation:

  • General Psychiatry.
  • Geriatric psychiatry.
  • Child and adolescent Psychiatry.
  • Neuropsychiatry.
  • Group of suicidal behavior and emotional dysregulation disorder (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy).

Mindfulness and Mindful Eating.

  • Eating disorders.
  • Women Psychiatry.
  • Pharmacodependence.
  • Palliative care
  • Psycho-Oncology.
  • Clinical sexology.
  • Mindfulness and compassion-focused therapy.
  • Psychiatry and occupational mental health.
  • Adult, child and adolescent Psychiatric emergencies.
  • Telemedicine-Telepsychiatry (virtual attention).

The Psychiatry Service has a group of fifteen psychiatrists, all of whom have advanced training:

  • A Psychiatrist sub-specialized in Geriatric psychiatry.
  • Three psychiatrists sub-specialized in child and adolescent treatment.
  • Two psychiatrists sub-specialized in neuropsychiatry.
  • A Psychiatrist sub-specialized in liaison psychiatry and eating disorders.
  • A Psychiatrist specialized in Women’s Health.
  • Psychiatrists subspecialized in drug dependence.
  • A Psychiatrist specialized in eating disorders and personality disorders.
  • A Clinical Psychiatrist and Sexologist.
  • A Liaison Psychiatrist and occupational mental health, public health.
  • Mental health care provided according to the highest clinical standards and in line with the population needs and characteristics.
  • Services provided in a non-stigmatizing, respectful, humane, scientific mental health way by an excellent professional team.
  • It is governed by the principles and values of Fundación Valle del Lili, with qualifications and high quality certification criteria.
Specialist in Psychiatry