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Social and business responsibility

For Fundación Valle del Lili, the focus of social responsibility goes beyond its missionary objectives and includes contributing to the development of the community of which it is a part.

Medicine and health services are a choice of life dedicated to the service of others. However, this is not our sole purpose and that is why all our activities consider responsibility with the environment, with our collaborators and their health at work; committed to the quality of our services for patients, in order to continuously improve our performance; our responsibility with the health system is seeking to improve efficiency day after day and contributing to balance, searching for long-term financial sustainability and continue to be a work alternative for thousands of people.

It seems too ambitious to be excellent in so many aspects, however, for all people who are part of Fundación Valle del Lili, seeking excellence when serving others is a life choice.

We are committed to social responsibility through the management of high-complexity services for the underprivileged population, according to the resources available.


Our corporate social responsibility efforts are focused on the following aspects:


Social support


Environmental management system


Occupational management system


Blood bank