Alliance with Universidad del Valle

The functional relation established between Fundación Valle del Lili and Valle University, educational institutions and other organizations, with the purpose of training human talent in health sciences, is based on a long-term academic, administrative and investigative planning process, agreed between the parties through a service-teaching agreement.

The partnership allows for training personnel in the field and participate in different levels of care. Professionals interact and work with and serve individuals and groups of people through all stages of their life cycles, optimizing their quality of life.

Graduate Programs

  • Anesthesiology
  • Cardiology
  • Pathological Anatomy and Clinical Pathology
  • Specialization in Surgery in trauma and emergency settings
  • Specialization in Neurosurgery
  • Specialization in General Surgery
  • Specialization in Dermatology and Dermatological Surgery
  • Specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics
  • Specialization in Internal Medicine
  • Specialization in Family Medicine
  • Specialization in Nephrology
  • Specialization in Neurosurgery
  • Specialization in Pediatric Surgery
  • Specialization in Pediatrics
  • Specialization in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  • Specialization in Nephrology
  • Specialization in Orthopedics and Traumatology
  • Specialization in Otolaryngology
  • Specialization in Psychiatry
  • ICU Specialization
  • Specialization in Radiodiagnosis
  • Cardiopulmonary Physiotherapy
  • Neonatal Nursing
  • Specialization in Neurology
  • Specialization in Nursing for adults’ critical care
  • Specialization in Oncology Nursing
  • Specialization in Nephrology Nursing
  • Specialization in Maternal Perinatal Nursing
  • Specialization in Nursing for injuries and ostomies treatment
  • Specialization in Nursing for children and adolescents’ critical care
  • Specialization in Infectious Diseases in the Pediatric population

Undergraduate Programs

  • Internship program in Medicine and Surgery
  • Psychology
  • Nursing

More Agreements

  • Functional relation established between Fundación Valle del Lili, Funandina University, the Educational Institutions and others...
  • This functional relation is established between Fundación Valle del Lili and Mariana University, has the purpose of promoting human talent in healthcare.
  • Our partnership with CES University is governed by a teaching-service agreement, a relation established with Fundación Valle del Lili.