Rights and obligations of patients in Fundación Valle del Lili


You have the right to:

(Abstract of Resolution 13437 of 1991. Resolution 4343 of 2012. Act 1805 of 2016.) 

  • Obtain clear information in a timely fashion about your health condition, the services you will receive, and the risks of treatment, to decide whether or not to accept the treatment offered by your attending physician;
  • Keep your medical records confidential, not precluding allowing the possibility of accessing your medical history with your authorization or as per competent authorities established by law;
  • Be informed about your health care costs and receive adequate guidance on administrative procedures related to the services provision;
  • Receive a dignified treatment when obtaining health services, respecting your beliefs and customs, your privacy, and your personal opinions, without receiving discriminatory treatment;
  • Receive the best medical care available during the entire process of the illness, respecting your wishes as a patient, even in case of an incurable disease;
  • Receive special protection on health services for children and adolescents;
  • Be included in scientific research studies; only if you authorize it;
  • Your decision to oppose the legal presumption of organ donation, expressing your unwillingness to be an organ donor;
  • Have your advance directive be respected, as well as your right to die with dignity during the natural process of the terminal stage of your illness;
  • Receive a second opinion from a health professional in case of having concerns;
  • Receive health services under safe, respectful, and hygienic conditions, having access to health technologies and services;
  • Know the means and channels to present claims, complaints or suggestions about your health care experience.
  • Receive or reject spiritual or moral support.

You have the duty to:

(Adaptation of Act 100 of 1993. Decree 4343 of 2012.)

  • Respect the personnel responsible for the provision and administration of health services; 
  • Take care of the facilities where you receive health services, as well as comply with the rules, regulations and protocols of the institution;
  • Comply with the rules of and act in good faith towards the General System of Social Security in Health, and use the services offered, as well as the resources thereof, in a rational manner.
  • Provide timely information required for medical care and contribute towards expenses according to your financial capacity.
  • Responsibly comply with the recommendations of the health professionals who care for you, before, during and after the treatment.


Rights and Duties of patients with disabilities


Patients with disabilities who are under the care of the Health Services of the Fundación Valle del Lili, have the right to: 

  • Adequate access to all Rehabilitation Programs proposed in the Mandatory Health Plan
  • Facilitate accessibility and safe passage without any kind of physical barriers;
  • Receive clear, accurate, timely and relevant information in regards to their condition of disability;

Have the duty to:

  • Take care of their community’s health and that of their own, following the doctor’s recommendations; 
  • Inform the attending physician on their health condition in a clear, complete and truthful manner;
  • Treat the attending staff in a dignified and humane manner, and respect the privacy of other patients;
  • Adopt security measures according to institutional care protocols;
  • Comply with medical recommendations that promote a healthy style and self-care.


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