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Rights and duties of patients in Fundación Valle del Lili

Learn about the rights and obligations that our patients have at La Fundación Valle de Lili.



Rights and Duties of patients with disabilities

Patients with disabilities who are under the care of the Health Services of the Fundación Valle del Lili, have the right to: 

  • Adequate access to all Rehabilitation Programs proposed in the Mandatory Health Plan
  • Facilitate accessibility and safe passage without any kind of physical barriers;
  • Receive clear, accurate, timely and relevant information in regards to their condition of disability;

Have the duty to:

  • Take care of their community’s health and that of their own, following the doctor’s recommendations; 
  • Inform the attending physician on their health condition in a clear, complete and truthful manner;
  • Treat the attending staff in a dignified and humane manner, and respect the privacy of other patients;
  • Adopt security measures according to institutional care protocols;
  • Comply with medical recommendations that promote a healthy style and self-care.