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Rights and duties of patients in Fundación Valle del Lili

Learn about the rights and obligations that our patients have at La Fundación Valle de Lili.

Patients Have The Right To:

(Adaptation of Resolution 13437/1991, Act 361 /1997, Act 1618/2013, Act 1751/2015, Law 1751/2015 Act 1805/2016 and Resolution 229/2020). 

  • Access health services and technologies, which guarantee comprehensive, timely and high quality care. 
  • Receive the initial emergency care that is needed, as promptly as their condition requires it. 
  • Receive the best medical care available during the entire process of the disease, respecting their wishes, even in the case of irreversible diseases. 
  • Get a second opinion from a health professional in case of doubt. 
  • Prove their identity by means of an identity document, without being asked for any other document. 
  • Be treated with dignity, respecting their beliefs and customs, as well as personal opinions about the procedures. 
  • Not be subjected to cruel or inhuman treatment that affects their dignity, or to be forced to endure avoidable suffering, or be forced to suffer from illnesses that can be treated. 
  • Receive health services in conditions of hygiene, safety and respect for their privacy. 
  • Die with dignity and for their will to allow the dying process to take its natural course in the terminal phase of the illness to be respected. 
  • Receive information about the formal channels for presenting claims, complaints, suggestions, as well as to receive a written response. 
  • Obtain clear, appropriate and sufficient information from the treating health professional to enable them to make free, informed and conscientious decisions. 
  • Review and receive information about the costs of services rendered. 
  • Request and receive a copy of their medical records.  
  • Accept or reject activities, interventions, supplies, medications, devices, services, procedures or treatments for their care. 
  • Exercise their sexual and reproductive rights in a safe and timely manner, including the prevention of risks and unsafe care, and for said rights to be guaranteed. 
  • Be included in scientific research studies, only if they authorize it.  
  • Oppose the legal presumption of organ donation, expressing their desire not to be an organ donor. 
  • Maintain the confidentiality and secrecy of their clinical information, without prejudice to the possibility of accessing their medical records with their authorization or by the competent authorities as determined by law. 
  • Receive or reject spiritual or moral support. 
  • Patients with disabilities have the right to transit through accessible and properly marked spaces according to their condition. 
  • Receive special protection for children, adolescents, pregnant women, victims of violence, victims of the armed conflict, elderly population, persons with orphan diseases, and persons suffering from catastrophic or high-cost diseases. Patient’s health care will not be limited by any type of administrative or economic restriction. 
  • Victims of any type of sexual violence have the right to priority access to the psychological and psychiatric treatment they require. 


Patients Have The Duty To:

(Adaptation of Act 100/1993, Act 1751/2015 and Resolution 229/2020). 

  • Seek comprehensive care for their health and that of their community. 
  • Be affiliated to the general social security system in health, use the benefits properly and comply with all regulations. 
  • Provide truthful, clear and complete information in health care processes. 
  • Follow the recommendations given by health personnel, including those of health promotion and disease prevention programs. 
  • Provide dignified and humane treatment to the clinic staff and other persons involved in the health care process. 
  • Contribute to the financing of health care and social security expenses. 
  • Contribute to the care of the environment. 
  • Adopt safety measures according to institutional guidelines. 
  • Comply with the rules, regulations and instructions of the Institution. 


For comments and suggestions, please contact the Patients Service area  by phone: +57 602 331 90 90 ext. 4190 - 4191 - 4192 | E-mail: 


Rights and Duties of patients with disabilities

Patients with disabilities who are under the care of the Health Services of the Fundación Valle del Lili, have the right to: 

  • Adequate access to all Rehabilitation Programs proposed in the Mandatory Health Plan
  • Facilitate accessibility and safe passage without any kind of physical barriers;
  • Receive clear, accurate, timely and relevant information in regards to their condition of disability;

Have the duty to:

  • Take care of their community’s health and that of their own, following the doctor’s recommendations; 
  • Inform the attending physician on their health condition in a clear, complete and truthful manner;
  • Treat the attending staff in a dignified and humane manner, and respect the privacy of other patients;
  • Adopt security measures according to institutional care protocols;
  • Comply with medical recommendations that promote a healthy style and self-care.