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As knowledge widens, it is clearer that despite antibiotics and other pharmacological therapies availability, the body’s ability to identify, stop and eradicate infectious agents is critical. Likewise, the immune system’s role (our bodies’ defenses) in various diseases and the way to control them is better understood nowadays. This laboratory focuses on the study of biological immune markers, as well as on the ability of defenses to act against pathogenic microorganisms.

This Service has a direct impact in cases where a patient does not respond as usual to antibiotic treatments. Frequently, these patients have recurrent infections with common germs, more than expected compared with the general population. It is in these cases where the laboratory performs diagnostic blood tests for patients with allergic syndromes and for those with autoimmune diseases (patients whose immune system attacks their own tissues).

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What does the service offers?

Fundación Valle del Lili’s Immunology and Immunodeficiency Laboratory offers the following services:

  • Detection of antibodies to cell components, which are autoimmune disease markers, by immunofluorescence techniques.
  • Quantitative measurement of specific IgE antibodies to purified allergens in extracts by FEIA, which aids in the diagnosis and monitoring of intervention therapies in allergic patients.
  • Quantitative measurement of specific IgE antibodies to recombinant allergen components by FEIA.
  • Antigen-antibody common and high-complexity detection testing for the diagnostic algorithm of autoimmune diseases.
  • Cell biology studies on stimulated lymphocyte cultures for the detection of deficiencies on cell immunity.
  • Cell biology studies of cells oxidative stress by dihydrorhodamine technique (oxidative burst of granulocytes).
  • Protein electrophoresis studies.

Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Immunology and Immunodeficiency Laboratory Service?

  • Panels of recombinant allergens.
  • Interpretation of results by a physician with a PhD in Immunology.
  • The only center that offers cell biology studies in the region.
  • Team working among clinical groups.
Specialist in Immunology and immunodeficiencies