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Menopause and Climacteric Clinic

+57 602 331 9090 Ext: 7323

Target population

Female population.

Available at locations :

Our clinical service integrates specialists and subspecialists for treating each one of these pathologies and provides multidisciplinary support from other specialties of the Institution, such as an obstetrician-gynecologist with a Master in Menopause, a gynecologist-endocrinologist, an internal medicine physician, a cardiologist, a pelvic floor urologist, a sex psychiatrist, a pelvic floor physiotherapist and a nutritionist.

Do you live outside of Colombia?, Are you interested in receiving information about Menopause and Climacteric Clinic at La Fundacin Valle del Lili? contact us at the following link:

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Specialist in Menopause and Climacteric Clinic