Target population

The Service

The Endocrinology Department started its service to the community 25 years ago, since then, it has offered high-level specialized medical attention, provided by a medical and nursing team dedicated to work for patients in need of such service. At present, it is the only service of this specialty in the city of Cali where special dynamic function tests are performed. Additionally, it is the first department in the Colombian Southwest handling insulin pumps. Likewise, the endocrinology service is part of the Institution’s education program for undergraduate and post-graduate medical students, and performs educational sessions addressed to patients on chronic pathologies.

What is the target population of the service?

The endocrinology service is intended for the adult population with the following diseases, including: diabetes, dyslipidemia, obesity, osteoporosis and alterations of bone metabolism, thyroid pathologies, hormone disorders of the adrenal, pituitary and gonadal glands, as well as benign and malignant tumors related to endocrine organs.

The endocrinology service provides comprehensive care for patients with endocrine disorders through outpatient consultation, hospitalization and emergencies. We provide the following services:

* Bone densitometry and morphometry for adults and children.

* Dynamic endocrine tests.

* Placement of glucose monitors.

* Insulin pumps placement and training.

* Cycles of educational conferences in diabetes.

* Annual celebration of World Diabetes Day.

* Personalized education for patients by a Diabetes educator.

* Delivery of educational material on endocrine diseases.

* Clinical practice for diabetes, diabetic foot, obesity, gender, thyroid, among others.

* Interdisciplinary meetings (medical board) for patients’ review.

Five specialists in internal medicine and endocrinology are part of the Endocrinology service, they make every effort in meeting patient needs. These professionals are part of the undergraduate and postgraduate medicine faculties of the Institution’s multiple partner universities. All endocrinologists have experience in the different clinical tests, special tests and diagnostic images that are performed in the service and participate in research projects of the field. Additionally, they participate as speakers in national and international conferences to keep up to date in their medical practice.

When the patient and their families enter the endocrinology service, they will find an excellent team, from both the academic and human point of view, as well as a medical and assistance team dedicated to provide a solution to their needs. Also, the Service provides multidisciplinary and top-quality technologic support involving all the personnel who work in Fundación Valle del Lili.

Group of specialists:

Luz Angela Casas, Luis Guillermo Arango, Karen Feriz, Alejandro López y Guillermo Guzmán.

Specialist in Endocrinology