Central Nervous System tumors Clinic

Target population

All populations.
The service and its benefits

A Tumor Clinic allows for the involvement of all the specialties and offers the patient a better treatment, multidisciplinary management and multiple treatment options, in such a way that this integrated approach renders benefits to the patients and provides personalized treatment.

The three treatment lines for primary tumors of the central nervous system are: total (if possible) surgical resection of the tumor, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Specific management depends on location, histopathology and characteristics of the tumor.

-Patients will always be monitored from diagnosis, before and during surgery and during post-surgical hospitalization, with assessment by oncology and radiotherapy specialists, ensuring that the process is within the timeframes set by the guidelines, requiring 3 to 6 weeks, thus optimizing the healing process. 

-New treatment approaches are related to the genetic variations of a tumor, thus throwing a glimmer of hope on the understanding and prognosis of this complex group of lesions.

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