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Central Laboratory

+57 602 331 9090 Ext: 3152 – 4154

Target population

All Population.

Available at locations :

The Fundación Valle del Lili’s Central Laboratory offers the following services:

  • Blood chemistry, tumor markers, cardiac biomarkers, renal function, liver function, infectious serology, hormones, drug levels and specific metabolic substances.
  • Conventional hematology (cytology testing of blood), basic coagulation testing and erythrocyte, leukocyte and platelet parameters.
  • Gases (venous or arterial blood, urine).
  • Chemical and cytological tests in body fluids.
  • Physical, chemical and urinary sediment tests.
  • Microscopic and chemical examination of stool.

Check the preparations for medical exams here: 

Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Central Laboratory?

  • Alto desempeño en las pruebas de control externo de calidad.
  • Portafolio de servicios amplio y permanentemente disponible.
  • Adherencia a estándares de práctica internacionales.
  • Soporte permanente por parte de patólogos clínicos.

Do you live outside of Colombia?, Are you interested in receiving information about Central Laboratory at La Fundacin Valle del Lili? contact us at the following link:

International Office

Specialist in Central Laboratory