Central Laboratory

Target population

All Population.

The Fundación Valle del Lili’s Central Laboratory offers the following services:

  • Blood chemistry, tumor markers, cardiac biomarkers, renal function, liver function, infectious serology, hormones, drug levels and specific metabolic substances.
  • Conventional hematology (cytology testing of blood), basic coagulation testing and erythrocyte, leukocyte and platelet parameters.
  • Gases (venous or arterial blood, urine).
  • Chemical and cytological tests in body fluids.
  • Physical, chemical and urinary sediment tests.
  • Microscopic and chemical examination of stool.

Check the preparations for medical exams here: http://valledellili.org/atencion-al-paciente/preparacion-para-examenes-medicos/ 

Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Central Laboratory?

  • Alto desempeño en las pruebas de control externo de calidad.
  • Portafolio de servicios amplio y permanentemente disponible.
  • Adherencia a estándares de práctica internacionales.
  • Soporte permanente por parte de patólogos clínicos.
Specialist in Central Laboratory