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Oncologic surgery

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At Fundación Valle del Lili, breast cancer is managed through surgery, hormone therapy, chemotherapy and radiation therapy. Other services, such as psycho-oncology, physiotherapy and psychiatry are included, as needed.

There is a specialist in breast cancer, as well as two general surgeons who support Surgery and External Consultation.

Regarding the breast treatment field, an Oncology Board is held weekly, with a second meeting for clinical-radiological-pathological correlation, every 15 days.

Adult patients with benign and malignant breast diseases receive medical attention, focusing on early detection of breast pathologies.

There are different patient groups. Some patients with benign pathologies require the establishment of early diagnosis and surveillance through annual screening mammography, and based on each patient’s risk factors, mammogram periodicity is defined.

Other patients are referred due to suspected breast cancer. Our Service is responsible for establishing the diagnosis or ruling out the pathology.

Finally, there are patients who have already been diagnosed with a pathology in another institution, but prefer to receive treatment at Fundación Valle del Lili.

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