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Fundación Valle del Lili University Welfare

Fundación Valle del Lili University Welfare

It provides a reflection space for members of the university community, being a liaison between academic and cultural activities, human development, mental and physical health and, social and citizen commitment. It promotes positively students’ growth at their personal and institutional environments, creating awareness in self-care within the context of a healthy, consistent and sustainable lifestyle.

By developing activities related to physical activity, sports, leisure, human education, social development, as well as artistic and cultural development.

  • Promote spaces for personal growth for all members of the educational community.
  • Provide meeting spaces for academic, cultural, social, sportive and reflective activities, promoting a holistic view of human reality.
  • Generate reflection spaces for inter-institutional coexistence and strategies to reach more appropriate levels of interaction.
  • Recognize diverse cultural expressions by members of the university community and provide alternatives for their development.
  • Involve all members of the university community at University Welfare activities. Report in a truthful, clear and complete way their health status to their treating physician.
  • Perform activities and define services, based on specific characteristics of the population that is part of the Institution.
  • Coordinate the activities carried out by University Welfare with the academic and administrative units, in order to achieve coherence in objectives and to allow their adequate development.
  • Observe reality, assuming not only the internal elements of the Institution, but also the social environment

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