Pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit

Target population

Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age.

The Pediatric Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit has a long history of work and evolution at Fundación Valle del Lili, as it was initially established under the tutorship of the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the University of Pittsburgh. Currently, the service has enabled ten cubicles for the attention of critically ill newborns, infants, school children and adolescents with heart diseases.

Our strengths

Our team is aware of our responsibility towards sick children with congenital heart diseases at a regional and national level. We are highly motivated and constantly widening our knowledge, supported by the most important health institution in our country.

Our service

Our unit is also supported by a multidisciplinary medical team and a fully technological diagnostic infrastructure, which allows for a comprehensive approach to provide integrated health care solutions for newborns, infants and schoolchildren, as well as adolescents with heart disease, with the highest quality standards.

We have cutting-edge technology in extracorporeal life support (ECMO), inhaled nitric oxide, conventional and high-frequency ventilation. In addition, we have the support of cardiac magnetic resonance imaging for diagnostics and Angio TAC.

Our “open door” 24-hour unit allows parents to be present throughout their children’s treatment and recovery process, providing not only highly qualified, but also humanized care.

We have a team of specialists in neonatology, pediatric intensive care y pediatric cardiology, trained in cardiovascular care, as well as a group of pediatricians available 24 hours a day. Additionally, we have qualified healthcare personnel working for nursing and respiratory therapy activities.

Additionally, we have the support of the following services:

-Cardiovascular pediatric surgery.

-Pediatric cardiology, echocardiography and hemodynamics.

-Cardiovascular anesthesia.

-Neurology, infectious diseases, nephrology, pneumology, pediatric endocrinology, genetics.

-Psychology and social work.

Specialist in Pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit