Target population

All populations

The following services are available at Fundación Valle del Lili’s Flow Cytometry Laboratory:

  • Characterization of cells subpopulations, including lymphocytes, monocytes and other cell lines.
  • Classification of molecular characteristics, membrane receptors, nuclear receptors, and other cellular antigens in samples collected from patients with malignant blood diseases (lymphoma, lymphoproliferative disorders, myeloproliferative disorders, among others).
  • Detection of minimal residual malignant disease.
  • Detection of non-malignant cell populations causing other diseases.

Fundación Valle del Lili’s Flow Cytometry Laboratory is characterized by:

  • Antibody panels in innovative combinations.
  • Adherence to current practice standards.
  • Pioneer technology among hospital laboratories (10-color-3 lasers cytometer).
  • Team working among clinical groups.
Specialist in Flow Cytometry