High obstetric Risk Unit

Target population

Patients with a high-risk pregnancy.

The High obstetric complexity unit (UACO, Unidad de alta complejidad obstétrica, in Spanish) is an area for critical obstetric humane healthcare that provides continuous maternal and fetal monitoring in order to reduce the risk of complications.

The service is addressed to patients with high-risk pregnancy, however, an UACO is capable of attending patients with no risk factors who wish to have a delivery under humane protocols in company of their families, with a service that complies with safety and excellence policies that are in constant evolution.


The unit is fully equipped and has a medical and healthcare staff with the following characteristics:

– A 31-Bed unit with continuous fetal and maternal monitoring.

– Interdisciplinary management.

– Individual rooms for a humane care of delivery in the company of your family with labor support, obstetric analgesia and clinical safety.

– A medical group with qualifications on intensive care and maternal-fetal medicine.

– Specialized referral consultation 24 hours a day for all specialties.

– Permanent availability of blood banks and surgery.

Specialist in High obstetric Risk Unit