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Target population

Children, adolescents, adult and elderly patients.

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What We Do: Your Trusted Vaccination Service:

This service has nursing staff certified in the application of vaccines and with the support of the adult and pediatric infectologist. It is aimed at children and adolescents, healthy and at-risk adults, travelers, workers, and students at occupational risk; in general, to the whole family group.

“The health of our family and community is priceless. Vaccination is the key to our well-being.”

locations where the vaccination service is provided

Why is vaccination important?

The development and application of vaccines is an important health strategy that throughout history continues to benefit humanity, with vaccination diseases are prevented that previously implied a great impact on health since they caused epidemics leaving sequelae of the illness and/or death.

It is important to bear in mind that vaccines are not exclusive to children, they are also necessary for adults and it is one of the best tools available to protect children and the family in general from potentially serious diseases that can require hospitalization or cause serious consequences.

Importance of vaccination in adults older than (60 years)

Vaccinations are important, especially for the elderly. As you age, your immune system weakens and you may find it harder to fight off infections. You become more susceptible to diseases for which vaccines are available, such as influenza, pneumonia, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, and shingles. The importance of the vaccine is that you avoid suffering from complications that can cause long-term illnesses, hospitalizations, and even death.

Importance of vaccination in children

From birth, we are exposed to all diseases; we are born with some temporary immunity against infectious diseases such as measles. This 'passive immunity' is passed from mother to baby, but only lasts a few months. The newborn will need to generate antibodies (proteins produced by the immune system) to fight against viruses and bacteria.

Vaccines stimulate the immune system in the same way as an infection but without developing the disease. Vaccines are a sure way to ensure that your children create antibodies to a specific infection.

Importance of vaccination for pregnant women

During pregnancy, vaccines help your body make protective antibodies (proteins your body makes to fight disease), and some of these antibodies will be passed on to the baby. The vaccines needed in pregnancy are Influenza and DTaP.

Vaccines are one of the safest ways to protect your health.

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Vaccines prevent diseases that have previously caused major epidemics, death and sequelae. Additionally, they provide benefits to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, as well as sensitive people living in their environment. It is important to consider that vaccines are not exclusive to children, adults also need them, and they are one of the best tools to protect children and families from potentially serious diseases that may require hospitalization and eventually cause serious consequences.

Vaccines are used in many disease control and eradication programs and, in order to achieve the expected impact, it is necessary to have biological products (immunogenic components of the vaccine) efficiently validated. A cold chain system involves a series of steps and activities that are necessary to keep unchanged the immunizing potency of vaccines during storage, transport and administration.

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