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Target population

Children, adolescents, adult and elderly patients.
What is the target population of the service?

The nursing staff of the service is certified in vaccine administration and has the support of an Adult and Pediatric Infectious diseases Specialist. It is addressed to children and adolescents, healthy adults and persons at risk, travelers, as well as workers and students at occupational risk; in summary, the whole family group.

“Vaccines hurt a bit … but diseases hurt much more.”

Vaccines prevent diseases that have previously caused major epidemics, death and sequelae. Additionally, they provide benefits to vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, as well as sensitive people living in their environment. It is important to consider that vaccines are not exclusive to children, adults also need them, and they are one of the best tools to protect children and families from potentially serious diseases that may require hospitalization and eventually cause serious consequences.

Vaccines are used in many disease control and eradication programs and, in order to achieve the expected impact, it is necessary to have biological products (immunogenic components of the vaccine) efficiently validated. A cold chain system involves a series of steps and activities that are necessary to keep unchanged the immunizing potency of vaccines during storage, transport and administration.

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