Vascular Intervention Unit

Target population

adult and pediatric population

Formerly known as Hemodynamics or Catheterization, this unit responds to the needs of all vascular studies ensuring quality and timeliness. We have 3 angiography rooms equipped with high technology equipment and a qualified human team.


The best human team provides medical attention for patients in all life cycles.

Specialties working in the Vascular Intervention Unit include: Neuro-Intervention, Hemodynamics, Electrophysiology, Heart Failure, Interventional Radiology, Pain Management Clinic and Vascular Medicine.

  • Neurointervention: Dr. Fernando Velásquez, Dr. Alberto Rosero and Dr. Edgar Folleco.
  • Hemodynamics in Adult patients: Dr. Jorge Velásquez, Dr. Manuel Paulo, Dr. Fernando Guerrero.
  • Hemodynamics in Pediatric Patients: Dr. Jaiber Gutiérrez, Dr. Walter Mosquera.
  • Electrophysiology: Dr. Fernando Pava, Dr. Pablo E. Perafan.
  • Heart Failure: Dr. Juan Esteban Gómez, Dr. Noel Flórez, Dr. Juan David López, Dr. Pastor Olaya.
  • Interventional radiology: Dr. Alfonso Holguín y Dr. Juan Sebastián Toro.
  • Pain Management Clinic: Dr. Mario Villegas, Dr. Cristhian Herrera y Dr. Fabián Dorado.
  • Vascular Clinic: Dr. Juan Pablo Carbonell, Dr. Manuel Pabón.
  • Integrated multidisciplinary work.
  • Timely attention.
  • Safe processes.
  • Supported by a high-complexity Institution that allows to link all specialties and provide integrated treatment to every patient.
  • Non-reuse policy.
  • Qualified and highly trained personnel.
  • Experienced specialists.
Specialist in Vascular Intervention Unit