Pediatric Palliative Care

Target population

Children and adolescents.
Program "Cuidando de ti” (Looking after you)

The Service is known as “Cuidando de tí”, a program by Fundación Valle del Lili; where a team of professionals with long experience and great human warmth provide palliative care through a multidisciplinary, comprehensive and continuous intervention, satisfying the needs of children with complex, chronic and limiting diseases, with the aim of improving their quality of life and that of their families.

  • Alleviate your child’s pain and other symptoms of his/her illness.
  • Provide emotional and social support, respecting his/her family’s cultural values.
  • Help healthcare professionals in charge of a child’s treatment to work together and communicate with each other in order to meet their goals.
  • Facilitate open communication among patients, their family and their healthcare team, regarding options and goals of care.

-Palliative care involves complete active care of a child’s body, mind and spirit and also, support for his/her family.

-Palliative care starts when a disease is diagnosed and will continue whether the child receives specific treatment for the underlying disease or not.

-Our team assesses and alleviates physical, psychosocial or spiritual problems affecting the child.

Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Pediatric Palliative Care Service?

  • Humanization of health care.
  • Compassion and empathy towards children and their family.
  • Comprehensiveness and coordination of the medical team.b

-Children with complex chronic diseases who can benefit from an improvement in communication and coordination of the medical team.

-Patients who face a shorter life expectancy.

-Families in need for support and additional resources, such as home care.

-Patients requiring extensive management of pain and other symptoms, especially when conventional therapeutic methods are ineffective or become harmful.

-Children who have to visit and stay frequently at the hospital, due to deterioration of their clinical condition.

A multidisciplinary team is part of “Cuidando de Ti” program, with a pediatrician, a family doctor, a head nurse, a psychologist, asocial worker, a spiritual guide and volunteers. We evaluate patients through the various services of Fundación Valle del Lili, including outpatient, hospitalization, pediatric ICU, neonatal ICU and emergency.


Specialist in Pediatric Palliative Care