Target population

Adult and pediatric population.

Currently, the service runs donation programs, authorized and duly certified for living and deceased donors. A solid organ transplant program (heart, lung, liver, kidney, pancreas, intestine and multivisceral donation) is available. Pediatric transplant is our forte, with more than 20 years’ experience.

As a donor hospital, we are actively involved in obtaining tissues for transplant purposes, including ocular, vascular, skin and musculoskeletal tissues.

The whole process of donation and transplant is made under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health through the National Institute of Health (Instituto Nacional de Salud, INS in Spanish) that validates compliance with current regulations (Act 1805/2016, Decree 2493/2004).

It is a campaign that started in 2014; it allows to promote social awareness towards the benefits of organ and tissue donation, continuously educating the community inside and outside the hospital.

Our purpose is to provide tools for healthcare providers and the community, in order to find and manage potential organ and tissue donors, as well as increasing acceptance rates for donation.

Clinicians in charge of donation ensure humane assistance is provided to the families in their mourning phase.

Specialist in Transplants