Intensive and Intermediate Adult Care

Target population

Adult population.

POS Appointment

(EPS, ARP, SOAT, ARS) 3319090 ext 7454

Medical Staff

3319090 ext:7004

The Adult Intensive Care service, founded at the same time than the clinic, has 90 beds available for high-complexity, critically ill patients.

The service has grown alongside the clinic. Currently, the unit has been segmented by departments, and patients are divided according to the level of complexity of their condition and their disease.

The unit is supported by a complete technological and diagnostic infrastructure, providing solutions to highly complex health problems under the highest quality standards.


Additionally, the service has comfortable spaces especially designed for the patients’ companions, who can stay 24 hours a day by their side.

We have one of the most complete private critical care infrastructures in the country, with a professional team of Intensivists, with medical specialists available 24 hours a day.

They are responsible of providing healthcare to people who, due to their delicate state of health, require permanent and close monitoring. The service has a highly qualified medical-assistance staff and modern technology equipment, required for patient care and dealing with emergencies.

The service has a group of intensivists, internists, surgeons and anesthesiologists, as well as a healthcare team.

Specialist in Intensive and Intermediate Adult Care