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Target population

Adult population

Available at locations :

  • Comprehensive medical care for cancer patients.
  • Formulation, administration and monitoring of multiple chemotherapy and immunotherapy protocols.
  • Autologous, allogeneic identical and haploidentical bone marrow transplantation.
  • Infusion service.
  • Biopsies and bone marrow aspiration.
  • Lumbar punctures and intrathecal chemotherapy.
  • Hyperthermic intraperitoneal perfusion chemotherapy (HIPEC).
  • Cutting-edge radiotherapy.
  • Cranial and extracranial radiosurgery.
  • Stereotaxic radiotherapy.
  • Electron beam.
  • Chemoembolization of liver tumors.
  • Ablation or radiofrequency ablation of liver tumors.
  • Cutting-edge genetic studies (next generation sequencing).
  • Research Center in oncological diseases with research protocols for new technologies and drugs not yet available in the country.
  • Catheter placement service for chemotherapy application ensuring safety in the administration of medications.
  • Unidad Funcional de Cáncer (Functional Cancer Unit, UFCA in Spanish) for comprehensive and differential care of cancer patients.

The centers of excellence strategy is aimed at having a high likelihood of success, by having a higher quality and being more efficient in the provision of health services. They can be defined as a group of healthcare professionals who are dedicated to a specific disease and deal with a large number of cases in a short period. Moreover, through continuous improvement, the learning curve is accelerated and maintained at levels difficult to achieve by competitors.

A Center of excellence is a professional culture characterized by the willingness to work as a team, in contrast to the traditional model of individual work. This process includes a periodic and systematic exposure of each professional to the scrutiny of their colleagues, collaborating among them to improve performance.

In Fundación Valle del Lili, women’s health is one of our essential mainstays. This is the reason why, for 17 years, efforts have been made to offer comprehensive care programs with timely, accurate and coordinated interventions, in order to reduce the disease incidence and disability caused by breast cancer in Valle del Cauca women.

Since 2016, Fundación Valle del Lili has created, for Colombian women and, especially, for Valle del Cauca women, the Center of excellence in Breast Cancer, in order to meet the health needs of women with breast cancer, integrating clinical practice and education, through a comprehensive, humanized and safe model with continuous innovation, based on the values governing our Institution. 24 doctors (specialists in breast pathology, medical epidemiologists and clinical management), nurses, nutritionists, psychologists, social work and administrative staff are part of the Center for Excellence in Breast Cancer.

The team in this health program is specialized in field such as: surgical oncology, clinical oncology, radiotherapy, psycho-oncology, breast diseases radiology and pathology, clinical genetics, molecular biology, and reconstructive surgery.

“Your health is in your hands, do not disregard it”. Early detection is the key to treatment success.


  • Juan Guillermo Restrepo.
  • Ángela Zambrano.
  • Elizabeth Arrieta.
  • Álvaro Osorio.


  • Marcela Vallejo.
  • William franco.

Hematologists and specialists in adult bone marrow transplant

  • Joaquín Rosales.
  • Francisco Jaramillo.
  • Francisco Fallabella.

Radiotherapy and oncology

  • Catalina Acevedo.
  • Guillermo Potdevin.
  • Gabriel Marín.
  • Carlos Alberto Buelvas.

Pediatric oncology

  • Viviana Lotero.
  • Luz Ángela Urcuqui.
  • María Ximena Castro.
  • Pamela Rodríguez.
  • Diego Medina.

Palliative Care

  • Carlos Chavarro.
  • Elsa tejada.
  • Arnoldo Broment.
  • Ximena García Quintero.

Psychologists specialized in palliative care

  • Clara Elisa Reyes.
  • Isabel Correa.
  • Tatiana Pineda.

Nurses specialized in oncology

  • Yaira Yobana Gil Marín.
  • Luz Stella Triana.
  • Diana Ximena Acevedo.

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