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Chromosomes examination using conventional methods, through the recent use of fluorescent molecular probes, has increased sensitivity, detection capacity and reproducibility to identify medium and large structural anomalies in congenital diseases, tumors, and in the management of infertility.

Cytogenetic technologies (karyotype, fluorescence in-situ hybridization, among others) are applicable in cases of newborn patients with physical abnormalities, congenital malformations or those with physical, motor or cognitive development deficiencies, as well as for patients with tumor diseases, especially in examinations for lymphoma and leukemia. It is further applied in the identification of adverse changes of chromosomes, which may be associated to functional or structural issues of a baby conceived by parents with risk factors (over 35 years of age, with occupational exposures to toxic agents, and certain previous diseases).

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What does the service offers?

Fundación Valle del Lili’s Cytogenetic Laboratory offers the following services:

  • Conventional karyotypes in peripheral blood.
  • Karyotype in bone marrow samples.
  • Cytogenetic examination of cell cultures.
  • Cytogenetics using molecular probes for fluorescense hybridization.

El Servicio del Laboratorio de Citogenética de la Fundación Valle del Lili se caracteriza por:

  • Highly trained medical staff (two professionals with Master and Doctorate degrees in laboratory genetics and clinical genetics).
  • Automated processes for imaging analysis.
  • High performance in external Quality Control tests.
  • Team working among clinical groups.
Specialist in Cytogenetics