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About us

The Bioethics Center of La Fundación Valle del Lili is a multidisciplinary work team that promotes an open space to the Lili community and the population in general, where we offer tools to cultivate skills and dispositions necessary to deliberate and make decisions when the use of science and technology generates ethical conflicts in the field of life sciences. 


Our Purpose

To build deliberative, pluralistic and compassionate spaces and strategies, through bioethics education and research, that allow the academic and clinical community and the general population to make optimal decisions aimed at the care and protection of life, within the framework of a dialogue between values and technosciences.


Our Objectives

  • To offer educational spaces to the academic community for moral deliberation applied to relevant problems of the local and national context.   
  • Participate in the construction of knowledge through research in the field of bioethics, to respond to significant community problems.
  • Generate social impact through bioethical reflection in the public sphere, to promote autonomy, equity and the humanization of health.
  • To provide specialized consulting services in bioethics to educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, governmental entities and companies.
Componentes estratégicos

Strategic Components


The Center considers education as one of the essential elements at the mission level, from efforts aimed at generating deliberative spaces, both individual and collective. To this end, it is necessary to promote a reflexive environment on the issues that concern bioethics, based on respect for plurality and democracy. 

The objective is to manage formal education and continuing education courses in bioethics, within the framework of the Deep Alliance for Life with Icesi University.


The Center works to build knowledge through research in order to respond to significant community problems.

It focuses on the study of local and national needs in multiple lines of research:  

  1. Moral deliberation and bioethics 
  2. Ethics and mental health
  3. Bioethics and public health 
Social Impact

It is necessary to align efforts to project its work in the creation of reflective spaces and cultural transformation, aimed at the general and institutional community.

In this way, the strategic component of social projection of the Center for Bioethics, proposes four lines of work: dissemination, consultancy, community participation and extension courses. 

Our team

Our team

Dr. Fabián Lasso Chávez

médico psiquiatra

Dr. Alejandro Castillo Martínez

médico psiquiatra

Dr. Juan Pablo Borda

médico psiquiatra

Pablo Aristizábal Castrillón

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