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After the Human Genome Project finished, which spelled out the genetic code contained in the chromosomes of human beings, researchers started to associate diseases and risk conditions with abnormalities in the genetic sequence. Sophisticated AI computer technology methods make the determination of the genetic sequence components of an individual or a diseased tissue (including tumors) more accessible.

The Sequencing Service is addressed to patients with malignant diseases and congenital chromosomal alterations; patients with structural abnormalities affecting metabolic functions, as well as growth anomalies and anomalies of the central nervous system and the immune system with malignancy development, with the purpose of finding germline mutations. Additionally, patients with malignant tumors may benefit from the service, for finding somatic mutations.

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Fundación Valle del Lili’s Sequencing Laboratory offers the following services:

  • Massive Parallel Sequencing (next-generation sequencing, NGS) for the study of gene combinations arranged in panels, with the purpose of covering the most frequently reported mutations in the suspected condition of the patient.
  • Sequencing by Sanger method for known point mutations.
  • Confirmatory sequencing of findings identified through NGS technology.

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Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Sequencing Laboratory Service?

  • Highly trained medical staff (three physicians with Master and Doctorate degrees in laboratory genetics and clinical genetics).
  • Exclusive use of approved diagnostic technologies for clinical application (IVD-CE, RS INVIMA).
  • Medical and academic alliance with a widely recognized European center (Sistemas Genómicos®).
  • High performance in external Quality Control tests.
  • Adherence to international practice standards.
  • Team working with the molecular pathology group (somatic mutations).


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