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Target population

Elderly patients.
What is the target population of the service?

The Internal Medicine service is complemented by the sub-specialty of Geriatrics, which ensures the provision of adequate care and attention for people over 65 years of age, without age limit (our oldest patient is 116 years of age), with a holistic view of all stages and complications related to aging, with the objective of preventing disability and improving the quality of life of elderly people.

Preventive geriatric assessment:Preventive assessment of the most common complications and diseases while aging, which is an annual assessment carried out for prevention or early detection of chronic cardiovascular diseases, prevention of disability development, as well as affective or cognitive problems, nutritional problems, falls, and fragile syndrome, and to ensure the provision of vaccination services addressed to the elderly people.

Comprehensive geriatric assessment: ideal for complex patients with multiple diseases or requiring multiple medications; it is especially good for patients who will undergo major surgeries, cancer management or cardiovascular surgeries, and also, for patients at risk of having falls or memory loss.

Palliative geriatric assessment:: assessment focused on the management of symptoms of suffering, committed to the quality of life of elderly patients at any stage of their disease, either oncological or non-oncological.

– Memory panel.

– Cardiac surgery panel.

– Geriatric Falls Clinic, which is currently under development.

– Assessment of the elderly when at the hospital.

– Assessment in the emergency service.

– Assessment of elderly patients who need to undergo a rehabilitation process.

Fundación Valle del Lili has a subspecialized human team who provide a thorough and complex care for the elderly, putting together our cutting-edge technology and the efforts of the geriatric service. It also provides warm, human care, in a rational and balanced manner, focusing on the needs and preferences of the elderly patient.

The medical professional in charge of the geriatric service is Heidi Liliana Martínez Sánchez, a surgeon and internist geriatric physician graduated at the University of Caldas.

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Specialist in Geriatrics