Pediatric Neurology or Neuropediatrics

Target population

Pediatric population

Seizures ad epilepsy, diseases affecting the peripheral nerve (neuropathies), the neuromuscular junction (myasthenia), the muscles (myopathy or dystrophy), headaches and migraine, cranial trauma and its consequences, psychomotor and language development disorders, attention disorders, motor disorders, social behavior disorders, autism, learning disorders, and movement disorders (tics, tremors, dystonia, early-onset Parkinson Disease, chorea, etc.)

Also the Department is responsible for treating diseases such as: cerebral palsy and brain originated motor impairment (BOMI), brain malformations caused by embryonic or fetal diseases during pregnancy, acute cerebrovascular accidents (hemorrhage, infarction or embolism), genetic disorders affecting the nervous system, autoimmune disorders affecting the brain and/or the spinal cord (multiple sclerosis, etc.), infections and/or inflammation affecting the brain (meningitis, encephalitis), brain, cerebellum and/or spinal tumors.

Reading and interpretation of EEG and video telemetry, EMG, neuroconduction studies, visual, auditory, and/or somato-sensory evoked potential tests, brain NMR and CT, transfontanellar ultrasound and botulinum toxin application.

Additionally, the department carries out procedures of ventricular puncture, muscle and/or nerve biopsy, cranial Doppler, support in the ketogenic diet for epilepsy, support with the Genetics Group for children with rare or orphan diseases, support with the Neurosurgery Group for children with tumors, epilepsy or abnormal movements, support with the Group of Pediatric Nephrology for children with meningocele. Also the Department provides support to the Pediatric Heart diseases, and Cardiovascular Pediatric Surgery for children with congenital heart diseases, support to the Intensive Care Unit for Neonates and Pediatric patients, which manages and monitors complex diseases.

  • Santiago Sergio Cruz Zamorano.
  • Juan Fernando Gómez Castro.
Specialist in Pediatric Neurology or Neuropediatrics