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IRIS GLOBAL - Experts in Assistance solutions

At Iris Global we offer a portfolio of services and products that respond to people's needs, providing peace of mind in delicate moments of their lives. We know each type of client we work with and we base our value proposition on innovation and the continuous improvement of that knowledge.

Aruba’s General Health Insurance (AZV)

16 years ago, Aruba made an important step with the introduction of a health insurance system for the whole population which works independently from the government. In 2001, AZV became the first national health insurance company in the Kingdom of the Netherlands.

World Wide Medical (Panamá)

WorldWide Medical Assurance has the product portfolio with the widest presence and greatest success in the region. Currently, it has a network of more than 8,000 hospitals on a global scale, and a strong financial and human support. Additionally, it has strategic alliances with the world’s biggest reinsurers.

Global Benefits Group (United States)

Global Benefits Group (GBG) is the world’s biggest independent, completely integrated provider of international profits. In 2017, GBG celebrated its 36th anniversary serving the needs of expatriates and nationals from third countries and citizens in the United States.

United Healthcare (United States)

United Healthcare serves millions of people, from their first years of working life until their retirement.

Andi Asistencia – International Policy

Andi Asistencia is an assistance company, part of los Andres S.A., which started its operations in Colombia in 1992 and is part of the MAPFRE international assistance system.

Assistance Services of The Americas

An international medical assistance company which provides third party services to insurers and other parties involved in a medical complaint, where losses are due to illnesses or harms that require emergencies medical treatment, hospitalization and/or surgical intervention.

Axa Assistance Colombia S.A. International Policy

With a global network in more than 200 countries, AXA Assistance has developed widely known experience in the management of emergency situations in the areas of roadside assistance, travel insurance, in-home support services and medical attention.

BMI Services INC

More than 45 consecutive years of experience and a history of exclusive service to Latin America and the Caribbean.

Cigna International Corporation

Offers health insurance services. The company offers medical, dental, and accident insurance services, amongst others.

Coomeva Internacional

This program offers you wide healthcare and medical care coverage abroad, ensuring the best care for your health.

SOS Assistance Spain S.A. – Insurance and Reinsurance S.A.

World leading company in medical services and international insurance, present in more than 90 countries. This company has been providing services to companies for more than 30 years for employees who travel often or expatriates, managing medical and safety risks in their international destinations.

SUMMED International LLC

SunMed International se creó para administrar los gastos médicos de nuestros pagadores internacionales de atención médica y hemos servido a muchas organizaciones de manera eficiente. Esta compañía cuenta con años de experiencia en administración médica, administración de reclamos y control de costos y están listos para servirle de manera honesta y profesional.


Our mission is to provide access to top level medicine at reasonable costs for all our affiliates and their families, through our International Health Benefits Programs. Securitas Health Care has an inclusive and holistic business perspective thanks to their professionals’ work and experience in different segments of the Healthcare Industry, such as Hospitals, Insurers, Providers and Patients.


Redbrige Insurance Company offers a large variety of products for healthcare insurance, individual life and group life insurance and general insurance. All of Redbridge’s products offer international coverage; the company has a wide network of providers in Latin America, United States of America and the rest of the world.

Guardian Life

Every day, Guardian offers 26 million US citizens the safety they deserve through products and services regarding insurance and estate administration. Since its foundation in 1860, our long-term vision has helped our customers to prepare themselves for their future life, be it forming a family, planning for the future or offering care for employees.

Best Doctors

Best Doctors Insurance is a world leading company in medical insurance in Latin America, the Caribbean and Canada. Best Doctors Insurance’s vision is to help its members to obtain the best healthcare services, ensuring access to the best quality hospitals and specialized centers around the world.