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Pediatric Nephrology

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Target population

Pediatric patients up to 18 years of age.
Objective of the service

The service is intended to cover the Colombian Southwest region entirely, where no pediatric nephrology services are available. We provide support in nephrology consultation for both newborn and pediatric patients, as well as critical care and renal biopsy studies for children with acute renal disease, in order to clarify diagnoses.

We work hand in hand with a team of nephrologists for the adult population, and a program supported by the International Society of Nephrology and the Boston Children’s Hospital, which helps us in the education of the community and in the early detection of kidney diseases among the population.

The nursing and psychology departments support the outpatient service, attending patients of all ages up to 18 years old, with the purpose of early detecting acute or chronic kidney disease. We rely on the various specialized clinical services for accomplishing our task: medical monitoring for children with only one kidney, and short and long-term follow-up; the spina bifida program for children with hypertension and abnormal bladders, at risk of kidney injury; a child-to-adult transition program for children with kidney diseases who are about to enter adulthood. Such a transition is carried out in association with the Transplant Unit and the Adult Nephrology Group.

Two pediatric nephrologists are part of our group, which is supported by different services, such as Pediatric Urology, Adult Nephrology and Transplantation.

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