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Family medicine

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Family Medicine has a preventive approach, we attend to the health needs of our patients in a comprehensive and humanized manner.

The Family Medicine specialist offers prevention-oriented care. Prepares the personalized health maintenance plan, emphasizing the analysis of the risk of suffering from a disease, knows and attends to the most frequent diseases, continuously monitors the individual and his family in both health and disease, and detects changes in family functionality associated with the disease and intervenes if required.


Family Medicine is the specialty that provides continuous and comprehensive medical care for the individual and the family without distinction of gender, age or compromised system. It is the specialty that integrates biological, clinical and behavioral sciences in depth.

If you require a general practitioner who commands your health care, with a prevention approach, who cares for you in times of health and illness, and who can work as a team with other specialties for more complex problems, a family doctor is an excellent option.

  • In our consultation we integrate the physical, emotional, social and family aspects found in the patient; in this way we provide a diagnosis and offer an individual treatment, according to your needs.
  • We take care of coordinating the medical care of the different pathologies of our patients, relying on other specialists.
  • Our attention is focused on health promotion, prevention and control of existing diseases.

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