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Infectious diseases

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The Infectious diseases service of Fundación Valle del Lili works conjointly with various departments, specialties and other services of the Institution, harmoniously resulting in the successful treatment of diseases and complex situations.

Patients’ healthcare is classified into outpatient, emergency and/or hospitalized services, which may be directly provided by the Infectious disease department or by other medical group, for example, patients undergoing treatment for cancer, patients who are in the intensive care units, those who are to receive a transplant or medications that may alter their immune system.


  • Juan Diego Vélez Londoño: internist, infectious diseases specialist, head of the Infectious Diseases Service and the infections committee.
  • Fernando Rosso Suárez:  Internist, infectious diseases specialist, Director of the Clinical Research Center.
  • José Fernando García Goes: Internist infectious diseases specialist.
  • Pablo Andrés Moncada Vallejo: Internist, infectious diseases specialist.
  • Paola Marsela Pérez Camacho: Pediatrician, infectious diseases specialist.
  • Jaime Alberto Patiño Niño:  Pediatrician, infectious diseases specialist.

Intervention should start early, by evaluating risk factors and trying to avoid them at hospital, home and workplace levels, by assessing the vaccination status, previous and currently hidden infections that could be reactivated by an eventual new treatment. Teamwork with other healthcare professionals results in better quality of life for all.

Consequently, if you have a disease that could affect your immune system and may make you prone to an infection, the participation of the Infectious disease service in the management of your disease allows for greater success in your treatment, fewer complications and better quality of life.

The Infectious diseases service is also focused on microbiology for diagnosis and monitoring of infections for nosocomial infection control, where standards and procedures have been adopted in order to minimize the potential of infection when a patient is hospitalized, or undergoes a procedure or treatment.

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