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How to manage medical services in Colombia according to the type of health insurance plan.

Through a Health Insurance Company

If you have a health care plan that covers your medical treatment, the International Office will contact your insurance company, in order to achieve that all the documentation required is submitted correctly, granting you the best coverage possible.

Before the medical assistance provision process start, the insurer must end an authorization or a guarantee letter, specifying payment conditions, the plan’s coverage, the value of copayment, as well as inclusions or exclusions in the plan for medical assistance.

Private Patient

The International Office will inform you, before your arrival, about the estimated costs of hospitalization services and outpatient services for diagnosis and treatment (e.g. clinical laboratory, diagnostic imaging, endoscopy, etc.).

However, it is important for you to have in mind that they are approximative values, and it is possible that the final invoice is not equal in value to this initial estimate. If the final invoice’s value is lower than the initial payment received, a reimbursement process will start once the medical assistance services have concluded.

The total value of the initial estimate invoice must be paid before starting any treatment. Payment through bank transfer must be received 72 hours before starting the provision of medical services.

Through the emergency service

If you have the coverage of a Health Insurance plan, please, contact first your insurance company, informing them about the symptoms you have and requesting them to send a guarantee/coverage letter for medical attention to the following e-mail address:

It is of the outmost importance that you show your identification card when being admitted into the emergencies Service (passport, citizenship card, foreign resident identification card, etc.).

If you do not have a medical insurance plan, the admissions personnel at the Emergencies Service may give you an estimate of the cost of the initial medical assistance at the Emergencies Service.

Steps to start your health consultation process with Fundación Valle del Lili

Inital Contact: contact us by email, phone or completing the form to present your request. 

email: ,

Phone in Colombia:(+57) 602 331 9090, ext: 3028 – 3242 - 3245

Case analysis: Your case is evaluated in an estimated time of 48 hours, the information is sent to the specialist, a budget is prepared with an approximate cost of your treatment and the response to your request is sent. In the event that there is an agreement established between the patient's insurer and the Fundación Valle del Lili, our office will be in charge of managing the administrative procedures required to receive health care at the Institution.

Required documentation: It is important to provide your complete medical history and related information (test results, images, and so on) for clarity in diagnosis. Also, remember to carry the necessary documentation that identifies you as an international patient (passport or immigration card).

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