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Pediatric cardiology

+57 602 331 9090 Ext: 3205

Target population

Pediatric population with congenital heart disease.

Available at locations :

Importance of the service

Other fields of activity in the Service include invasive management of congenital heart problems such as cardiac catheterization. For this procedure, a diagnosis of cardiovascular problems of the child is established and/or cardiac diseases are treated through catheterization. The purpose is having a comprehensive assessment of the patient, in order to perform subsequent analysis through cardiovascular surgery and define the best surgical treatment strategy for the patient. All patients who have undergone surgery at the institution are closely monitored.


-Pediatric cardiologists, who determine the diagnostic evaluation and are responsible of the intervention by hemodynamics (catheterization). 

-Perinatal cardiologists, who perform fetal echocardiography.

-Genetics service.

-Cardiac failure and pulmonary hypertension service.

-Cardiovascular intensive care unit (cardiovascular intensivists).

-Circular surgeons. 

-Electrophysiology group. 



  • This service has been part of the institution for more than 15 years; diagnosing congenital heart diseases and cardiovascular diseases inside the womb. This is known as fetal echocardiography, performed to pregnant women in cases of suspected heart pathology. A fetal echocardiography clinic works in association with perinatologists. 
  • At present, we can diagnose congenital heart diseases before birth; this is of paramount significance.
  • We have a heart failure and a cardiac transplant service for pediatric patients. 
  • A special department of pulmonary hypertension is available. 
  • With the help of the Foundation’s genetics service, comprehensive genetic evaluations of patients are performed. 



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