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The Allergology Service was created in 2005. This Department is in charge of various diagnostic procedures and specific treatments for allergy-related diseases for patients of all ages. After recording a comprehensive medical record and performing a physical examination, relevant examinations are indicated according to each patient’s disease, with skin tests for food allergies, environmental allergens, allergies to medications, contact agents, etc. being the most frequent. Controlled challenge tests are also performed, in which the patient is exposed to a food or medication in order to rule out or to confirm an allergy. Likewise, nasal challenge tests with suspect environmental allergens can be performed in order to verify their clinical relevance.

Another procedure offered by our Service is desensitization to food, and especially, to drugs. Transient or permanent tolerance can be induced using this method, according to the patient’s needs.

The Outpatient Allergy Service has four offices, a procedures room and a monitoring room, in order to make patients feel more comfortable. Referrals to Specialized Care can also be provided, in case it is considered necessary in other services.

Finally, treatment with allergen-specific immunotherapy also known as “allergy shots” is also available; it induces tolerance to an environmental allergen to which an individual is sensitized and that generates inflammation and disabling symptoms. This treatment is considered by the World Health Organization (WHO) as the only one that can modify the natural history of certain allergic diseases, such as asthma and rhinitis.

The Service has four Allergology specialists, three of them were trained abroad. All of them have extensive knowledge and experience in the management of allergic diseases. One of them has also been trained in Clinical Immunology for the management of patients with primary immunodeficiencies.

Teamworking is critical for this Service; this is why complex cases are frequently discussed conjointly, in order to provide each patient with the best therapeutic option.

Specialized training and teaching are essential to guarantee the availability of a state-of-the-art specialty in the clinic, the region and the country, as well as the academic quality of the Service. Therefore, since 2016, we have a specialization program in Allergology, that will contribute to our society medical specialists with great ethical and scientific values.

Specialist in Allergology