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Fundación Valle del Lili’s Volunteering program provides support for patients and their families, offering emotional support, accompaniment, as well as needs identification and search for solutions. In this way, the group participates in the continuous improvement of service quality in the Institution


  • Plan, organize, control and evaluate actions aimed at ensuring the welfare of patients who come to our Institution and their families.
  • Show and maintain a service attitude inside and outside the Foundation.
  • Collaborate with the development of our Institution’s objectives, acting in harmony with regulations established by Fundación Valle del Lili’s Board of Directors.
  • Develop programs aimed at ensuring the welfare of patients and their families.
  • Support and spread the information about Institutional Days and educational programs.
  • Obtain the resources needed to develop all the programs created to favor underprivileged communities.

Volunteering Programs

Volunteering Programs

  • Tejer es Sanar (Weaving is Healing)
  • Leer es Sanar (Reading is Healing)
  • Library
  • Pediatric kit
  • Oncology Patients
  • Food Aid
  • Recreation
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Crafts
  • Clean kit
  • Diapers
  • Support for institutional day programs


Volunteering programs provide support and ensure the welfare the patients and their families; they are financed through resources obtained from our point of sales: “Delicias Palpitar” – “Bonos Palpitar” – “Almacén del Usado”; as well as funds donations and in-kind contributions made by individuals.

Our Staff

Our Staff

Our Volunteering program’s greatest strength is “its people”. Currently, up to 36 volunteers serve in the Healthcare Area and 9 persons collaborate in the Commercial Area.

Organizational chart

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