Pediatric Emergencies

Target population

Pediatric population
What is the target population of the service?

The Pediatric emergency service provides 24-hour care, given by group of pediatricians who have all the necessary skills to attend children in multiple emergency situations. The service is constantly bringing itself up to date and works continuously making adjustments for optimizing attention. 

25 pediatricians and one general practitioner are part of this service, with 36 beds available.

31 cubicles are available, and resuscitation area with 2 cubicles. Moreover, 4 pediatricians are permanently on call to provide healthcare during the day and 2 pediatricians are always available at night.

Procedures performed go from emergency consultation to resuscitation, in the case of critical patients if they need it. Alternatively, in case a patient needs catheter placement or endotracheal intubation the service may perform such procedures whenever they are requiered.

Also, in case of wounded patients that need to be sutured or patients with fractures and/or orthopedic injuries, a specialist in the field will always perform the procedure.

25 pediatricians are part of this Service and which is also supported by every medical and surgical specialty needed to attend patients.

– In line with our humane care policy, we are always committed with taking care of every one of our patients and providing them with a warm atmosphere. Therefore, each patient receives treatment in an individual cubicle.

– If the complexity and severity of the patients’ condition requires it, treatment is provided regardless of the type of healthcare insurance they hold, and we ensure that children are accompanied by both parents as it may be possible.

– Our medical team is highly qualified in medium and high complexity pathologies.

Specialist in Pediatric Emergencies