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Health education

La Fundación Valle del Lili  is a University Hospital dedicated to the training of human talent in health and high complexity procedures, of doctors and other health professionals, based on solid care, with the highest administrative, academic and technological quality standards.

In addition to high-quality health care, la Fundación Valle del Lili has established as an important University Hospital where they are prepared with rigor and excellence, doctors, specialists and health professionals from all over Colombia.

Education and Teaching

As a University Hospital, la Fundacion Valle del Lili is committed to the training and education of human talent in health, with ethical criteria and excellence, contributing to preserve the health of the community.

Education Policy  

The education policy in la Fundación Valle del Lili is training in excellence through construction and permanent development of knowledge aimed at humanistic training, ethics and science of human talent in health in accordance with the principles and values ​​of the Institution. 

Strategic objective

Guarantee the teaching staff and the necessary resources for training in academic-scientific excellence, and ethics of human talent in health, that respond to social requirements and regional and country needs.  


The education branch guarantees the training of human talent in health with ethical criteria and excellence within the framework of the teaching-service agreements; In addition to develop the culture of updating, research and complementation of the knowledge of institutional health professionals, environment and the community in general, following the general guidelines of the institution.


Desde el año 2017, se cuenta con la certificación de Hospital Universitario, emitido por el Comité Intersectorial para el Talento Humano en Salud en nombre del Ministerio de Educación Nacional y Ministerio de salud y protección social. 


The symbol of the cross stands for our solidarity, cooperative and humanistic sense

Valle del lili

Organizational chart

Education Division

Valle del lili


Contact the Education Subdirection

(+57) 602 331 9090 Ext. 8225

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