Pediatric intensive care unit

Target population

Children and adolescents up to 16 years of age.
What is this unit in working for?

The pediatric intensive care unit was created in response to unmet needs in the region for specialized and high level care for our critically ill children and adolescents.

This is a department exclusively dedicated to critical children’s healthcare, with a trained work team widely experienced in managing sick children, made up by:

-Pediatricians specialized in pediatric intensive care.

-Residents of pediatric intensive care.

-Pediatric Residents.

-Head Nurses and nursing assistants trained in pediatric management.

-Physiotherapists and respiratory therapy assistants. 

-Support by Family Therapy and a psychologist, if required.

-Nutritional support. 


What makes us different?

Our unit stands out by its experience in high-complexity disease care (Level III and IV) in areas such as:


-Pediatric high complexity surgery.

-Nephrology and kidney replacement therapy (dialysis, hemofiltration).

-Respiratory failure, with high frequency ventilation.


-Transplantation (kidney, liver, heart and bone marrow).

-Cardiovascular diseases.


Specialist in Pediatric intensive care unit