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Target population

Pediatric and adult population. 

Available at locations :

Target population

The Neuropsychology Service initially provides healthcare to premature children, preschool and schoolchildren, adolescents and adults. Assessment and intervention are performed both in outpatient and hospitalization services.

The Neuropsychology service participates in the “Kangaroo program” (“Programa Canguro”, in Spanish), assisting and assessing the neuropsychological development of premature babies. It provides a specialized service in neuropedagogy, and provides treatment for autistic disorders in adolescents. For adults, it supports the Glioma Management Clinic to provide integrated medical management of patients who undergo surgery in the Institution, and it is involved in the educational program for patients with Parkinson’s disease called “Sábados en movimiento” (“Saturdays in Movement”). Moreover, it provides support in the epilepsy, movement disorders and dementias medical boards regularly held with the neurology and neurosurgery team.

Four professionals are part of the Neuropsychology Service has, 1 with a Master degree in clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology, dedicated to adults attention, 1 with a specialization in Neuro-Psychopedagogy and a Master degree in Neuropsychology, 1 with a specialization in Language and a Master degree in Neuropsychology and 1 physician specialized in in Pediatric Neuropsychology.

The Neuropsychology service is characterized for its participation in interdisciplinary teams, in both assistance and research fields. It also provides rehabilitation and intervention services for children, adolescents and adults with brain injuries or dysfunctions through the use of new technologies and team working in association with family members and/or the of patients’ caregivers.

Encouraging all patients to attend consultation is one of our main differentiating factors, providing a final communication space where a report is delivered to inquire and solve questions regarding diagnosis or treatment in relation with the intervention process performed.

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