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Wound Management Clinic and Enterostomal Therapy

+57 602 331 9090 Ext: 7428

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Target population

Our service is addressed to adult and pediatric patients with acute and chronic high-complexity injuries or difficult to manage injuries. Education is also provided regarding ostomy care (gastrostomies, jejunostomy, nephrostomies, urostomies, cystostomies, tracheostomy, thoracostomies, colostomies and ileostomies) and other drainage systems that require special care through quality care and self-care-oriented education.

Highly qualified nurses specialized in wound and ostomy care are part of our service; they provide clinical support to the treating physician, depending on the specialty.

Fundación Valle del Lili’s Wound Management Clinic provides the necessary infrastructure, human resources and high-tech supplies to provide quality care, considering patient safety and humanized treatment. Also, the necessary tools are permanently provided to patients and their families in order to ensure good quality of life regarding the management of their wound or ostomy, avoiding complications that may lead to amputations.


  • Care of acute wounds.
  • Care of chronic and complex wounds.
  • Vesical catheterization per session / vesical catheterization education.
  • Care of open abdominal wounds or without enteric fistula.
  • Anal dilation per session.
  • Changing of urinary catheter (urethral, cystostomy).
  • Care of central venous catheter.

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