Target population

Patients older than 17 years of age with surgical emergencies or who require elective surgery

The general surgery service has as its main purpose providing assistance in emergencies, traumatic and surgical emergencies in patients older than 17 years of age.
Additionally, it provides support to the Outpatient Service to assist in procedures of elective surgery, especially those related to abdominal procedures.

Activities in the General Surgery Department are developed within a multispecialty team with all the technologic and scientific resources required to attend the most complicated and critical cases admitted directly by the institution or referred from other institutions.


  • The institution has the best resources and technology to assist patients in high-complexity situations.
  • The personnel integrating the service are specialists and subspecialists with a wide professional background and long experience.
  • The personnel integrating this Service are always available in order to assist in emergencies, urgent procedures, consultation and elective procedures, as well as collaborate in teamwork and provide support to other specialties and subspecialties.
  • The Service’s team are research and education leaders within their corresponding disciplines.

Our team is made up by specialty and subspecialty doctors with comprehensive training and long experience in emergency surgery and traumatic emergencies, intensive care and special nutritional support for critical patients.


Specialist in General Surgery