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TeleEmergencies Service

Did you know the benefits of use TeleEmergencies?

Diagnosis and monitoring of medical treatments at home with direct supervision of specialists..

Early identification of severe symptoms, detect if the patient needs to go to the hospital.

Service available for adult patients, children and pregnant women.

Optimization of the services provided in the ER for the benefit of the community.

Timely care without going through a triage, as well as avoiding travel.

Early consultation and guidance on respiratory symptoms, without the need to go to the emergency department.

You can access through your voluntary health plan (** subject to authorization by your insurance company).

Attention line:
602 331 9090
ext. 7909
When should I use TeleEmergencies?

If I experience new symptoms and I am worried about attending a medical evaluation.

When I have an underlying pathology that is decompensating and I want to know whether I should go to the clinic or I can manage it from home, with the support of a specialist.

If I have respiratory symptoms and I don't know if I have been infected with COVID-19.

When I have ailments and symptoms of an illness that is affecting my daily activities.

opening hours:

Monday to friday:
7:00 a.m a 9:00 p.m.

Saturdays, sundays and holydays:
7:00 a.m. a 9:00 p.m.

Do you live outside of Colombia?, Are you interested in receiving information about TeleEmergencies Service at La Fundacin Valle del Lili? contact us at the following link:

International Office

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