Haemostasis and special hematology

Target population

All population.
The Service

Many diagnostic tests are excluded from service portfolios because they are sporadic. Our laboratory performs diagnostic tests that are used only few times a month, but are very valuable for patients needing them sporadically, ensuring continuous, or close to continuous availability, in order to support health care.

This service is addressed to patients with rare hematological diseases and coagulation disorders with a low incidence among the general population who have a low-frequency consultation to emergency services or who consult on a scheduled basis, for surgical interventions.

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Fundación Valle del Lili’s Haemostasis and Special Hematology laboratory offers the following services:

  • Coagulation Abnormalities (Prothrombin time – PT, Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time – aPTT, Thrombin Time TT, Fibrinogen, mixing studies for PT and aPTT.
  • Primary Hemostasis – assessment of platelet function by platelet aggregation in a bleeding time study with 4 agonists: ADP, EPN, Collagen, Ristocetin.
  • Platelet aggregation for hyperaggregability or thrombosis studies: ADP (2.3, 1.2 – 0.6 uM) – and EPN (11 uM, 1.1 uM, 0.6 uM).
  • Platelet aggregation for von Willebrand disease study: RIPA (4 dilutions with Ristocetin: 1.2, 0.6, 0.5, 0.3).
  • Platelet aggregation for follow-up of aspirin treatment: arachidonic acid.
  • Platelet adhesiveness with Collagen/ADP, Collagen/EPN. Method: PFA-200.
  • Secondary hemostasis – bleeding time study – determination of coagulation factor activity: factor II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI.
  • Secondary hemostasis – von Willebrand factor antigen, determination of von Willebrand factor activity (ristocetin cofactor).
  • Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT IgG).
  • Thrombophilia study: protein C and protein S activity, lupus anticoagulant (Screening and Confirmatory studies).
  • Factor V-Leiden Mutation (resistance to activated protein C by PCR).
  • G20210A mutation of the prothrombin gene.
  • Viscoelastic tests (thromboelastography, platelet mapping (ADP/AA with/without heparinase).
  • Monitoring of heparin-anticoagulated patients (UFH and LMWH – anti-Xa factor chromogenic assay for dosage).

Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Haemostasis and Special Hematology service?

  • Advanced training of bacteriologists in a Nationally recognized center.
  • High performance in external Quality Control tests.
  • Extensive portfolio of services which is permanently available.
  • Adherence to international practice standards.
  • Permanent support by clinical pathologists.
Specialist in Haemostasis and special hematology