Adults Emergency Unit

Target population

All populations.

POS Appointment

(EPS, ARP, SOAT, ARS) 3319090 ext 7454
Our service and our work group

The adults emergency service is prepared to attend high-complexity patients. We have an integral team, which includes 7 emergency physicians, 3 with a second specialty in intensive care, 4 permanent internists and 30 general practitioners providing support.

We have a triage system and a team of head nurses with special qualifications, and a specifically trained and dedicated medical group. Also, our software complies with all the characteristics recommended by the World Health Organization in triage systems.

Our Department

We have an area of priority emergencies for patients with low-complexity pathologies who will be attended by emergency physicians, primary care physicians, nursing assistants and respiratory therapists.

  • Comprehensive care provided by the entire emergency team and permanent communication with all the specialties within the clinic.
  • Our human team’s commitment and training allows to handle any high-complexity situation.
  • We have resuscitation area under the supervision of an emergency specialist with a 24-hour specialist coverage.
  • Our observation area has 27 cubicles, including 2 for respiratory isolation, 2 rooms for procedures, 8 chairs for patient observation, 2 patient rooms; we also have one room dedicated to Acute respiratory disease (ARD) for isolation of patients with respiratory pathologies and equipment for arterial blood gases, electrolytes and hemoglobin measurement.
  • The resuscitation service is equipped with portable radiographic machines.
  • Also, procedures such as implantation of central venous catheters, Mahurkar catheters for hemodialysis and arterial lines for monitoring, as well as thoracocentesis and paracentesis procedures are performed in the procedures room.
  • Our team is trained to perform ultrasound scans in the emergency room, through ECOFAST.
Specialist in Adults Emergency Unit