Gastrointestinal surgery

The Gastrointestinal Service has all the innovative techniques and procedures ofr management of gastrointestinal diseases by open surgery and by laparoscopic surgery.

We are the only therapeutic group in the Colombian SouthWest that performs ultra-radical surgery for advanced tuors with compromised peritoneum, through a surgical peritonectomy procedure and hyperthermic intraperitoneal chemotherapy.

Dr. Pedro T. Argüello and Dr. Oscar A. Rojas are part of the Service.

They have specialized in Gastrointestinal surgery and Digestive Surgery, with 15 years of experience.

Our medical team has received training at national and international education institutions, focusing exclusively in gastrointestinal pathologies requiring surgery.

Our Service stands out among other institutions, because it provides integrated high-complexity surgical and endoscopic services, which is one of the key factors favoring safety, timeliness and quality, as oncological patients with complex digestive pathologies need. Treatment multidisciplinary approach and monitoring are performed according to international protocols.

Specialist in Gastrointestinal surgery