Point of Care Testing Program (POCT)

Target population

All population
What is the target population?

This Service is addressed to hospitalized patients attended in the general hospitalization and intensive care services, the emergency surgery service and delivery room, as well as in the outpatient setting: the pneumology service and the anticoagulation clinic.

Fundación Valle del Lili’s Point of Care Testing Program (POCT) features the following characteristics:

  • Application of good international practices.
  • Adherence to ISO 22870 standard.
  • Continuous training program for healthcare professionals directly using diagnostic support technologies.
  • Monitoring of the analytical, technological and connectivity performance of biomedical equipment.
  • Application of external quality controls.
  • Availability of glucometers throughout the hospital.
  • Availability of gasometers and electrolyte-meters in intensive care units and emergency resuscitation areas.
  • Availability of coagulometers in the outpatient anticoagulation clinic.
  • Availability of electrolyte iontophoresis equipment for perspiration-related analysis.
  • Availability of portable gasometers.

Why choosing Fundación Valle del Lili’s Point of Care Testing Program?

  • Bacteriologist with a Master degree in Education.
  • Proficiency tests with the College of American Pathologists (ACP).
  • Adherence to international practice standards.
Specialist in Point of Care Testing Program (POCT)