Head and Neck Surgery

Target population

Pediatric and Adult population
Target population

Our Service serves both adult and pediatric populations especially in cases of oncologic conditions (cancer), upper tract obstructions and alterations, as well as pathologies of the oral cavity, oropharynx, larynx, esophagi and trachea.

The Head and Neck Service provides oncological and non-oncological management of facial, maxillofacial, oral and upper respiratory tract malignancies. Also, reconstruction and rehabilitation procedures are performed as needed by patients. Specialized tools are available for oncologic diagnosis and classification, as endoscopic and microscopic procedures, as required. Additionally, upper airways surgical reconstruction is available as well as procedures with high-fidelity laser equipment.

Highly trained specialists work for performing complex and non-complex head and neck surgery procedures and reconstruction. Additionally, this Service has the support of medical professionals specialized in upper respiratory tract conditions management and microsurgery.

A great medical team of four specialists highly trained in the field, the support of a strict multidisciplinary management through medical boards, and team working for performing complex procedures allow for ensuring quality in the head and neck service.

Specialist in Head and Neck Surgery