Alliance with Universidad del Cauca

Our partnership with Universidad del Cauca is governed by a service-teaching agreement, a relation established between Fundación Valle del Lili and Universidad del Cauca.

In order to train human talent in health sciences, this relation is based on a process of long-term academic, administrative and investigative planning, agreed between the parties; an agreement of wills signed between the participating institutions, establishing commitments and responsibilities in order to guarantee quality education.


  • Specialization in Pathological Anatomy.
  • Specialization in General Surgery.
  • Specialization in Internal Medicine.
  • Specialization in Pediatrics.
  • Specialization in Anesthesiology.
  • Specialization in Adult Critical Care and Trauma Management in ICU settings.

More Agreements

  • The functional relation established between Fundación Valle del Lili and ICESI University, has the purpose of training human talent in health sciences.
  • The purpose of this partnership is establishing a basis for cooperation and coordination with the University of Antioquia
  • The partnership with SENA is governed by a Teaching and Service master agreement.