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Occupational Health and Safety Management System, SG-SST

Occupational Health and Safety Management System, SG-SST

Resolution 1111 of 2017 defines Minimum Standards for the SG-SST:

Fundación Valle del Lili, committed to social responsibility and human capital, provides safe environments for Lili citizens, for them to be healthy people and a sustainable company.

To fulfill this commitment, our work is based on different SG-SST programs:

-Preventive and Occupational Medicine).

-Safety and Industrial Hygiene.

-Committee on Safety and Health at work.

All the above programs are framed within a 100% safe model, some of the most important are:

-Systems for Epidemiological Surveillance (biological, biomechanical, and chemical safety, radiations protection and high-risk tasks monitoring).

-Chemical Substances program.

-Emergency Risk Management program, Labor Reinstatement Program, Contractor Management, among others.


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The Integrated Management System
consists of...