Alliance with Universidad del Área Andina

The functional relation established between Fundación Valle del Lili, Funandina University, educational institutions and other organizations, with the purpose of educating human talent in health sciences

This relation is based on a process of long-term academic and administrative research planning, agreed between the parties. The two parties’ main objective is providing education based on sensitivity for the health of people, training professionals who have analytical, creative and communicative skills and are interested in biological and human sciences. In addition, they must have solid ethical and moral values and have a willingness to work as a team.

Undergraduate Programs

  • Surgical instrumentation

Technological Programs

  • Technological degree in radiology and diagnostic images


More Agreements

  • Our partnership with CES University is governed by a teaching-service agreement, a relation established with Fundación Valle del Lili.
  • Teaching-Service relation between Fundación Valle del Lili and UTP University, in order to harmoniously fulfill the parties’ activities.
  • The purpose of this partnerships is establishing a basis for cooperation and coordination between FUCS and Fundación Valle del Lili.